Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers about Echoes

Who can I announce to?

Echoes will automatically find other users running Echoes on your local network. You can announce to all, some, or one of them.

Can I send announcements but not receive them?

Echoes has a mute option. This is useful if you have two Macs close together and don't want to hear both Macs announcing, or just don't want to hear incoming announcements.

I didn't hear the last announcement. Can I replay it?

Yes, you can choose the command in the menu, or click on the notification in the Notification Center.

What will happen if I send an announcement to a group, but some people have their Macs turned off?

Echoes will send only to those in the group that have their Macs turned on or are running app on their iOS device. If there are no users available, it will notify you before you record your announcement.

Does Echoes for iOS have to be running to receive announcements?

Yes. Echoes can not run in the background on iOS. If announcements are sent while the app is not running, it will not receive them.

Can I use shortcut keys to send announcements from my Mac?

Absolutely. Echoes for Mac allows you to set shortcuts to announce to everyone, any of the groups you have made, and reply to the sender of the last announcement, no matter what app you are working in at the time.

If someone’s Mac is sleeping, will they receive my announcement?

Echoes will only send to Macs that are awake, including running a screen saver, or sleeping only the screen. Echoes will also only send to iOS devices that are running the app at the time.

I have more than one Mac/iOS device in different locations. How will someone know where to send an announcement to me?

In the Preferences (or Settings in the iOS app), set the Network Identity to the same name. Then announcements sent to that name will play on every Mac/iOS device running the app with that name.

What do you mean by “local network?”

Echoes uses Bonjour networking to find other Echoes users. This is the same technology Apple uses to see other Macs on the network for File and Screen Sharing. Echoes searches the “.local” Bonjour domain.