Echoes for iOS

Voice announcements made quick and easy.

Mac iOS

Tell everyone

Quickly send an announcement to everyone running Echoes on your local network, be it an announcement for a meeting, party, lunch, etc.

Tell a few

Don’t alert everyone for an announcement intended for a few. Echoes lets you configure groups of Echoes users.

Tell someone

Some announcements are only intended for one. Echoes lets you quickly announce to a single Echoes user on your network.

Tell them quickly

Sending an announcement is much faster than looking up and connecting to contacts in Skype, Messages, or other communications apps:

  1. tap to send to Everyone, a group, or an individual.
  2. speak
  3. tap Send

That's it. Quickly get your message to one, some, or all of your home or office.

See who is sending you an announcement.

Echoes will highlight the sender display area so you can easily see who sent you the last announcement. You can play it again or quickly reply to the sender.

Simple, Optimized Interface

Echoes for iOS mimics a traditional intercom but modernized to easily access recipients and see who sent you an announcement. Optimized for your device's screen, Echoes on iPads are large enough to show the entire interface at once, while iPhones will show the "sending" or "receiving" side of the interface and automatically slide to the other side when needed. This allows functionality to be accessible from the one screen with minimal user interaction.

Available now

For iPhones and iPads running iOS 8 or newer.

Also available for Macs running OS X 10.9 or newer.