Echoes for Mac

Voice announcements made quick and easy.

Mac iOS

Tell everyone

Quickly send an announcement to everyone running Echoes on your local network, be it an announcement for a meeting, party, lunch, etc.

Tell a few

Don’t alert everyone for an announcement intended for a few. Echoes lets you configure groups of Echoes users.

Tell someone

Some announcements are only intended for one. Echoes lets you quickly announce to a single Echoes user on your network.

Tell them quickly

Sending an announcement is quick and easy.

  1. choose the Announce menu command or press your chosen keyboard shortcut
  2. speak
  3. press return or click Send

Changed your mind? Press escape or click Cancel and your announcement will not be sent.

Use the Menu or Shortcut Keys for Quick Access

Echoes puts an icon with menu in your menu bar. You can choose commands from the menu or set your own shortcut keys to announce from any app. Shortcut keys can be set to announce to everyone, groups, and to reply to the previous sender.

Choose your mic

Use your own microphone, headset, or your Mac’s built-in microphone.

Available now

For Macs running OS X 10.9 or newer.

Also available for iPhones and iPads running iOS 8 or newer.